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Our agency ensures a tailored business strategy, different for each client surrounding the needs of the brand.

We cultivate the strongest people for each segment of our changing industry and make sure we are ahead of the game when it comes to expansion. The investment on brand development and shared common goals ensures a cultivated growth and a strong market share

Charlotte is the Founder & CEO of Finlay-Notman Agency. Following 15 plus years in the fashion related retail and wholesale/ distribution industry launching brands such as Ted Baker and Vivienne Westwood, Charlotte was responsible for the initiation of these brands in the US marketplace. Given her English heritage and her knowledge of the US market, it was a perfect combination to launch such strong British brands America.

Charlotte launched Finlay-Notman Agency as a way to share her knowledge and contacts with fresh talent and upcoming brands that are looking to expand their current market share. She believes each brand needs a unique formula to tackle the over-saturated marketplace, and works on a tailored, cost-effective yet strategic plan for each partner to ensure success.

Establishing the brand as a reliable resource beyond the seasonal highs and lows of the marketplace. The services listed below that the agency provides, are more personal, efficient and cost effective.